With the objective to unite all Firms, Companies, Associations and Individuals engaged in the Soy Food Manufacturing in India with a view to promoting the consideration and discussion of all questions related to Soy Food Industry; Dr. Suresh Itapu has initiated to form an Association with the name "Soy Food Association of India" (SFAI). During the course of registration process this association has finally registered as Soy Food Promotion and Welfare Association (SFPWA).

It will endeavour to:

  1. secure and foster good relations between the members of the Association with a view to securing good measures on the problems facing the Soy Food Manufacturing Industry.
  2. create public opinion for suitable legislations and/or to propose amendment in existing law affecting the Soy Food Trade and Industry.
  3. bring awareness of the Soy Food Manufacturing industry in India and to promote knowledge of the members as may be deemed expedient.
  4. consider questions of its members and to ascertain the views of persons engaged in the Trade and Industry as regards matters directly or indirectly affecting the trade.
  5. convene whenever necessary Conferences, Seminars, Workshops etc., on subjects of interest to Soy Food Manufacturing Industry at such places and such time as may be determined.
  6. diffuse useful knowledge and to promote quality consciousness in manufacturers and dealers, and work for improved quality standards of Soy Food Products.
  7. collect and circulate statistics and to collect, classify information relating to trade, commerce and manufactures of members and to diffuse among its members information on all matters affecting the trade.
  8. make representation to State and Central Governments, Union Territories or any other authorities on any matter connected with the trade, commerce and manufacturers of its members and to help the members on all subjects concerning the industry.
  9. react suitably to proposals for laying down standards of Soy Food Products under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act (PFA).
  10. coordinate with the Bureau of Indian standards in formulation of Indian Standards for Soy food manufacturers influencing PFA standards by making constructive suggestions.
  11. make efforts to settle disputes between the members of the Association.
  12. monitor changes in the microbial characteristics of the food products and make suggestions for their updating from time to time.
  13. work towards standardisation of methods of sampling and analysis and to cooperate with the BIS, CCFS and other institutions concerned with the aspects of Soy Food Manufacturers.
  14. initiate measure which may be conducive to the extension and for the better working of the Soy Food Trade and Industry or incidental to attainment of this object by taking up their problems both in respect of quality and quantity appropriately.
  15. conduct research into the nutritional value of the Soy Food Manufacturers and to advertise the food value of these manufactures.
  16. utilise services of experts available within the country and abroad in different fields, in furtherance of the above objective.
  17. secure as far as possible the most favourable tariff rates from Indian Railways for the carriage of commodities in which the members of the Association are interested.
  18. sponsor studies on various aspects touching the Soy food Trade and Industry.
  19. set up a modern and up to date laboratory(ies) with a view to rendering assistance to its members and others on various problems of the industry.
  20. cooperate and collaborate with like-minded institutions and agencies engaged in the work of Soy food quality control.
  21. help tackle problems of Soy Food Industry by maintaining a better liaison at every stage and creating a better image through media and other sources and
  22. Generally, to do all other things as are incidental or conducive to the Soy Food Manufacturing industry in India and in the interest of the realisation of the above objects of the Association directly or indirectly.

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